A George you can bank on

A George you can bank on

Simpson car club’s AGM was full of surprises on Tuesday night After long standing club treasurer George Woolstencroft has decided to step down after 28 years of service. George first took over the treasurer position back in 1990 from Errol Donavan Who also held the treasurer roll for a combination of 20 years which makes George the 3rd treasure in the club’s history.

“I have seen a lot of changes within the club” said George, “most of the big changes began in late 80’s early 90’s shaping what the speedway looks like today, with the moving of the pits to it’s current location and with more recent improvements to the track surface and a new safety fence would be some of my highlights”, George added.

Alongside the track improvements George has seen various changes to his role as treasurer with the implementation of the GST and the move to the Electronic age with online banking and book keeping, but the biggest changes George has seen is the meeting running costs, “insurance is one of the major costs to the club, also without our generous supporters & sponsors the club wouldn’t be where it is today” George replied.

Simpson Car Club would like to welcome Ben Swanson to the role as treasurer, “I have some big shoes to fill” said Ben, “but I look forward to the challenge, and would like to thank George for his outstanding service to the club”

George still plans to stick around the club for many years to come and is excited to see where the club will be in the future.

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