Simpson’s Lighting the way for a brighter future

Simpson’s Lighting the way for a brighter future

Simpson Car Club Inc are beaming with excitement after securing funding through the Victorian Government initiative “Pick My Project” for the upgrade of their ageing track lights.

Simpson Speedway’s committee were concerned that the track lights were not doing their job and were starting to fail. The club’s committee and volunteers had been informed that replacement parts were no longer available and were strongly advised to replace the excising lighting sooner rather than later. “it wasn’t a case of if they fail, but when they would fail” club president Alan Symons commented, Alan also went on to mention that if it wasn’t for Les Riches Electrical Contractors of Colac the lights would have failed last season.

Simpson first went night racing in the late 80’s when club volunteers installed counter leaver towers in the centre of the track, Simpson then went on to improve the lighting in the 90’s when Members installed higher towers and brighter lighting, with the club using majority of second hand components and lighting purchased from another sports ground.

Simpson's original light towers
Car club members installing the 
speedways original lights

Darren Leersen the driving force behind the ‘Pick My Project’ campaign received a call earlier this week from Gayle Tierney MP (Member for Western Victoria), who informed the Simpson Car Club that they were successful in the voting process. “These projects have been chosen by locals to benefit locals”, Gayle Tierney responded. Darren had the pleasure to contact the president Alan Symons with the good news who then advised the committee, “The members couldn’t believe it and I had to reassure them it wasn’t a joke” Darren commented. “The expected costs to upgrade the lights were going to be a major cost to the club and without this grant the club would have borrowed majority of the money” Darren added.

Simpson car club would like to thank everyone that voted for them during the PICK MY PROJECT campaign and stay tuned for the updates via our web site and facebook.

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